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  1. To identify Mentally challenged special children and develop them to carry out their basic personal needs.
  2. To train these special kids in various special vocational skills so that they contribute to the family who percieves them a burden.
  3. To counsel parents and provide psychological and social support.
  4. To start saving accounts from their earnings for their future use.
  5. To integrate the school children with our society and make them grow as we do …  It is to be achieved by-
  6. Directly providing education, care and support to children with autism, mental retardation in a fully integrated day care/ residential set up.
  7. Directly providing advice, support and information to the effected families and their care-givers.
  8. Raising professional and public awareness of the needs of people with autism, mental retardation and associated problems within the society with an aim towards better understanding and tolerance.