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role of parents and teachers

Role of Parents & Teachers

Role of parents & teachers in child care & upbringing

In today's busy life child care and child upbringing has become quite a challenging and difficult task. All parents want & aim to bring up their child to make him happy, healthy, confident & educated, so that they may become a responsible citizen of society. But every parent is not wise enough to know his child correctly. Some of them lack knowledge, so confidence, some lack in devoting time due to their busy schedule, some lack in financial resources whereas some have plenty of money so they either extend over caring or negligent attitude towards their words.

In fact a child parent relation begins well before his birth which becomes much more stronger in post birth period due to all time association & caring of child by the parents. Similarly the role of teachers begins when schooling of child begins and the teacher-child relation grows stronger with the time. Meaning thereby the roles of parents & teachers run parallel in child's upbringing.

A few of the facts to be given emphasis towards child care and child upbringing, as studied & i experimented by different educat6ionists. psychologists & doctors worldwide are as follows— Every child should be considered & treated as the reflection or image of God as it is the most lovely, precious & intelligent creation of nature. Parents & teachers have been sent in child's life as God's substitute for carving a child full of energy, love & enthusiasm. Both parents & teachers should realise & understand the great responsibility assigned to them by nature and they should try to extend unconditional love & due care to the child by devoting proper time, proper attention and proper moral support, in absence of which, child may starve for the guiding force. They6 should try to fill the child's bucket of self esteem so high that the rest of the world can't poke enough holes to drain it dry.

Child should be considered as a treasure of the family. It helps in molding the child into an ideal human being.

Child should be extended proper relationship so that child may be able to establish good relationships with others that too with a right person. Your relation with the child should make him happy and should develop a feeling of security in him when child is with you. Otherwise he may search security with someone outside the family which is not good for child as well as for you. For providing secured attachment and developing proper relationship with the child one should be aware of certain traits or temperament of the child. Some of them may be active while others may not, some respond promptly others not, some adapt sharply others not, some have intense reaction others remain invert, some may be constructive & others destructive. But in any way child should not be branded as good or bad as the above traits are in bom in the child and we are supposed to mold him properly as per the desired way. !fall traits are found positive in a child it is a win-win situation. Next important feature is the parenting style which may be — (i) Authoritarian type-in which father being dictator and mother submissive. Child has not opportunity for reasoning or arguing. It may result in formation of a suppressed child, lacking in warmth, affection & love and is like to lose his self esteem. (ii) Permissive type fulfilling all demands of the child at its own, making the child irritative, rigid & problematic (iii) Negative or Negligent type — Child not being listened or understood at all for his/her grievances and is left unattended. It is the worst situation for a child making him negligent, careless, irresponsible and full of negative feelings. (iv) Assertive authoritarian type — Child's views & ideas are properly brothered about and given thought. Their greed & desires being net out by developing a properly bothered about and given thought. Their greed & desires being net out by developing a proper understanding with due affection, politeness, keeping scope for negotiation along with keeping the authority intact. The 4th type of parenting is considered to be an ideal type of parenting where child never speaks lie. admits mistakes without hesitation and harmony prevails between child and parents or between child & teacher. Child learns easily to coup with every situation, can face the world in a balanced way with due courage & perseverance. In fact we should not always try to make a child perfect but should keep trying to perfect our relationship with the child. Next important factor in child's care being the proper communication with the child so that he ma, feel connected with parents or teachers. Connectedness acts as a shield for the child which checks him from getting spoiled or indulged in unwanted acts. For this it is necessary that parents, teachers and the child should understand each other. They should listen each other and give proper time to understand each other. Communication should not be authoritarian or dictatorial or aggressive or passive or passive-aggressive type instead it should also be assertive-authoritarian, type which teaches a child to be less talkative and more active. They should be given fun activities, answer less questions, active-tasks and even parents or teachers should play with them which creates excitement in child and creates the proper connectedness and child becomes true follower of yours. Another very important factor for parents & teachers in the path of child's care is to be media cautious. Whereas at one side both parents & teachers should make them updated with the current developments so as to face the child's quarries, at other side they should be aware of the negative effects of the media information over the child. A proper understanding should be developed between the two, so that child should take advantage of media in increasing his constructive knowledge only instead of making its use towards unwanted information. When a child reaches to adolescence age, extra care should be adopted to handle hirnher. One should keep in mind the changing psychology, changing attitudes and their changing needs. One should not forget that their expressing, listening, understanding & reasoning powers or skills get quite increased at this age. So enough space should be kept for arguing & reasoning and one should take it m a positive & friendly manner and handle them carefully maintaining self boundaries. Besides above facts, few more tips to parents & teachers for ideal care & upbringing ofchild are as —

• Don't compare you child with others.

• Don't label a child like lazy, naughty or some thing else.

• Appreciate his good acts not emptily but praise him open heartedly.

• Not only praise for standing 1" in the class but also appreciate his/her hard work.

• Extend love & affection to them during their odd situation.

• Teach them to have faith in Almighty so that their minds may get enlightened.

• Make them learn to love nature. One who loves nature loves himself and in turn loves the whole mankind. 7 Also make them learn to keep control on their nerves till the completion of the task and never give up.

• Finally the line of Oscar wide child should be given due thought — "Oh youth, what a pity. it is wasted on the young". Which means when one is youthful, one has energy but lacks in maturity & experience and when one grows older enough to attain maturity & experience, lacks in youthful energy. If grown up & experienced persons (parents & teachers) act as complementary to youth, a matured, experienced & energetic youth can be created which will be good enough for the society, nation or for the whole mankind.

This is the need of the time for happy & matured Parenting.